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The Importance of Massage for Runners Part 2. An Athletes Perspective


sports-massage-collage“Injuries are part and parcel with running. Sooner or later, something will flare up. Whether it is tightness, a pull or something worse, runners, me included, will go through a phase where something isn’t quite right that needs to be addressed.

As a runner, completing 10 or more miles takes a lot out of your body, particularly the leg muscles and sometimes even the lower back, it’s how you recover afterwards that is the key to improving over time.

You could rely on a foam roller or a tennis ball to work out the kinks and awkward places that stretching doesn’t quite reach or you feel tender at, but it’s not as effective nor will it hit the key areas in which sports massages can, particularly with Max Sport Therapy.

Having someone regularly work out the knots and help the muscles recover is vitally important to include as part of your training. From a personal perspective, if I didn’t have it, I certainly wouldn’t have ran the Great North Run in one piece last year.

Tired legs, stiff back and even a Sciatic Nerve problem tested my body over time, but because I applied appropriate stretching with sports therapy, I was able to maintain training sessions and even push my body that little bit more, knowing that my legs and back could handle it, along with being in good nick as well as recovered properly.

Even if a niggle did arise, having someone come over and give me rehabilitation exercises as well as massaging the area paid in dividends. It could shave days rather than weeks off from a return to the roads and gym. It’s that little bit of reassurance which puts your mind at ease when you’re back training, a confidence boost, if you will.

Without sports massage, it could be the difference between finishing your race or sitting on the sofa sulking.”

Before I finish up, I’d like to say a kind thank you to Michael Briggs (a good friend and long serving client of mine) for writing this short blog which has allowed me to provide all you readers out there with a runners perspective on how essential and effective sports therapy is when training up for an event.

Once again, thanks for reading & keep an eye out for future blogs


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