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Lateral Ankle Ligament Injuries

Lateral ankle ligament injuries, or twisted ankle as it is more commonly known is the most common acute injury to occur at the ankle. These injuries are caused by excessive […] Read more

The Importance of Massage for Runners Part 2. An Athletes Perspective

  “Injuries are part and parcel with running. Sooner or later, something will flare up. Whether it is tightness, a pull or something worse, runners, me included, will go through […] Read more

The Importance of Regular Sports Massage for Runners

How Can Sports Massage Help Runners? The physical demand of a runner is very high, especially for those training up for an event. After only a couple of runs your […] Read more

Nutritional Tips to Enhance Injury Recovery

Anyone that’s been injured before would agree with me that being injured is one of the most frustrating things you’ll experience through your sporting life. During the injury period there […] Read more

Athlete Sponsorships

Max Sports Therapy are pleased to announce that we will be revealing our first sponsored athlete over the next few weeks. At Max Sports Therapy we like to encourage local […] Read more

How & When to Stretch?

How and when to stretch is a widely discussed topic within the athletic and active population. Should I stretch before training? Should I stretch after training? How long should I […] Read more

4 Effective Exercises for Hamstring Injury Prevention in Sprint-Based Sports

Hamstring injuries are unfortunately one of the most common injuries that occur in sportspeople involved with high intensity sprint activity (e.g. sprinting, football, rugby, hockey, etc). It is well documented […] Read more

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